IVF Treatment in Covid-19 Era – Should you Worry?

24th February 2022

What was supposed to be the end was just the beginning. The third Covid-19 wave in India has confirmed that the world will continue to live in a foreseeable Covid-19 future.

Hence, it becomes immensely critical to make sure that medical care, including reproductive care, is offered while following essential Covid-19 protocols and safety.

As of now, no scientific institution has issued notice forany contraindication regarding impulsive pregnancies and they are not considered as a factor in the transmission of the virus.

At Genome, we are consistently practising the latest protocols and research and providing the best IVF treatment while maintaining the health of our patients and staff.

IVF in Covid-19 Era

The most effective tool to prevent Covid-19 infection is the Covid-19 vaccine. The present options may not be 100% effective, but they surely lower the severity of the virus to a large extent.

As per the Government of India, vaccines have zero impact on pregnancy and are completely safe.

Hence, there is no need for you to delay your pregnancy post-Covid-19 vaccination. You can undertake IVF treatment immediately after the vaccination.

When you embark on your IVF journey, you would wish to attain high success at the earliest. There are several instances where you would like to continue with your IVF treatment in this pandemic.

  • Diminishing ovarian reserve.
  • Advanced Maternal age (above 35).
  • Existing conditions that damage fertility.

A delay in starting IVF can lessen success rates. This can result in fewer babies in older women and those with a known cause of infertility. Whereas, it has a less detrimental effect on couples with unexplained infertility, some of whom conceive naturally whilst waiting for treatment.

As a result, post-COVID 19, clinics planning a phased return to normal clinical services should prioritize older women and those with a known cause of infertility.

Preventive Measures

To minimise the risks of Covid-19 during IVF treatment, follow the preventive measures mentioned below.

  • Try to attend the clinic aloneexcept when you need to go for surgery or a puncture.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Sanitise yourself regularly.
  • Practise social distancing as much as possible.
  • If you have been in contact with a Covid-19 infected person in the past 10 days, consult your doctor on the phone.
  • Be punctual for your doctor visits, so that you would spend as low time as possible.
IVF Treatment for Covid-19 patients

IVF treatment includes a small surgical procedure for retrieving eggs. Hence, if you have been infected with Covid-19, you can undergoIVF treatment after 4 weeks of recovery if you were asymptomatic or had mild-respiratory symptoms.

However, if you had respiratory issues such as cough or breathlessness but were not hospitalised, then at least wait for 6 weeks.

And if you were hospitalised, then wait for 8 to 10 weeks. The same holds true if you have diabetes.

At last, if you were admitted to an ICU due to Covid-19, then the waiting period is of at least 12 weeks.

IVF at Genome

High success rates, better accessibility and affordability have made IVF a much-preferred option for many couples coping with infertility.

Genome is a leading fertility centre that aims to help couples struggling with infertility become happy parents.With the latest technologies, our patients rest assured that they are being treated with the best IVF procedures.

In this pandemic, we commit ourselves to providingmaximum safety while following all the necessary precautions.

Our entire team and staff are fully vaccinated whichhelp us to provide a secured experience to our patients. Moreover, all the COVID-19 safety measures such as consistent sanitization, usage of masks and gloves, increased teleconsultation, specific time scheduling, regular screening, etc. are followed at our clinic.

Final words

To maximise your safety around other patients and staff, youmust sincerely adhere to certain Covid-19 preventive measures before going for IVF treatment.

Wash your hand frequently, practice social distancing, always wear a mask when going outdoor and get vaccinated on time.If you experience any symptoms, avoid close contact and consult the nearest health authoritiesinstantly.


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