How to choose the best Fertility Clinic nearby you?

22nd July 2021

Since fertility treatments require a hefty investment, you surely won’t like to make the wrong choice while selecting the best fertility clinic nearby you.

Moreover, the growing cases of infertility have led to the growth in fertility clinics across India.

Hence, to pick up the best option, one needs to utilize enough time to come up with the right choice.

Also, choosing the best clinic is both subjective and personal. The clinic your friend may consider the best may not necessarily offer productive solutions for your concern. Thus, ensure you investigate the clinic thoroughly before you make the final call.

However, the question is how can one select the best fertility clinic which can address his/her infertility concerns properly?

What aspects should one take into consideration?

To help you out, we have compiled a list of a few effective tips to help you find the best fertility clinic and provide you with the best fertility treatment possible:

Variety in treatments and testing offered:

Are you new to seeking fertility solutions? Then you may be surprised to know that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is not the only fertility treatment. Yes, it comes with the best success rate so far. But, it can be expensive and is an invasive treatment.

Hence, ensure you consider those clinics which does not offer you just a ‘one size fits all solution’. You should also look for other treatments options such as IUI, cryopreservation options, surrogacy, etc.

Testing is another factor that determines the quality of state-of-the-art fertility clinics. Hence, you must ask for pre-genetic testing.

It is mostly directed in the first rounds of your examinations and reports whether you and your partner are not carriers of any genetic mutation.

Past record:

One must look for the success rate of every fertility centre you are considering. This is important to boost your confidence to meet the finest outcomes.

You can ask the clinic for its annual or monthly report and what probability it is willing to offer in your treatment plan.

Instead of just viewing the success rate on the website, you must verify the report to build trust. If your chosen fertility clinic is the best option, then it will surely give you all assurances and supervisionto help you increase your chance of success in your treatment.

Are any support services being offered:

Your fertility treatment may not just consist of lab coats, different equipment, medical procedures, etc. Instead, your fertility plan may incorporate various ways of supplementing your medical process and enhance the chances of conceiving.

This may include offering a nutritionist who can guide you to eat fertility-friendly foods or follow a similar diet plan. Or you may receive the guidance of a counsellor. This can help you reduce strain on your relationships or your mental wellbeing.

For many, such offerings are not just an additional feature, but a necessity. So, you must ask about it whenever you are seeking fertility treatment.

Are any proper quality controlled processes being followed for the procedures:

Antiphospholipid antibodies belong to the one category of Immunological disorders that can cause miscarriage by increasing the chance of blood clot formation. It is detected by blood tests and can be treated using medications that make the blood thin.

How to prevent Miscarriage risks?

Your fertility treatments like IUI, IVF demands proper processes to be followed for semen preparation etc. Many clinics are not invested adequately on such back end departments like andrology laboratory and take short cuts for this procedures. Make sure the clinic has good quality control and strong ethics. Ask a lot of questions at each one you visit.

Are the fertility doctors Board-Certified Reproductive Specialists?

Do the doctors have the highest training possible in infertility and reproduction? Are they board-certified FNB (Fellow of National Board in Reproductive medicine and surgery)? Some practices use the term “fertility specialist” to describe a person that does not have these credentials, and frankly, that’s not giving you to best chance to achieve your goals.

Does the fertility clinic have their own Embryology and Andrology lab?

Some of the smaller fertility centers do not have their own Embryology and Andrology lab onsite, while the larger ones might. It is of the utmost importance that your clinic employs dedicated and qualified embryologists and andrologists and uses the highest standards in quality control within the labs they utilize.Where are their labs are located? How are the samples/embryos/other items transferred to and from the labs? What quality-control procedures are in place to make sure nothing ever goes wrong? Ask these questions – it’s important you feel 100% comfortable with every aspect of the journey… even the parts you don’t see.

Insurance or affordability options:

The price of the treatment may get immensely reduced if it is covered under your health insurance. However, it won’t be of any consequence if your fertility clinic does not accept your insurance.

Talk to insurance agent and ask him to provide you with every benefit to which you are entitled.

If it is your first-ever fertility solution, then you must talk to a financial services advisor, as it can make your treatment more affordable. He/she can help you look into different payment opportunity plans, other financial resources etc.

At a glance questions you must ask about the Fertility clinic

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, you must also seek answers to a few questions listed below.

Where are the testing and other procedures performed?

Consult whether you have an on-site lab, or do you need to go somewhere else.

Do you have any specialized payment programs?

Ensure whether you have to pay in advance. Clarify whether in IVF you will get your payment back if your cycle is cancelled before egg retrieval.

Is your clinic well-staffed with professional andrologists, reproductive surgeons, etc.?

For male infertility concerns, having a urologist or an andrologist can be beneficial. If you are suffering from any structural issues, then a reproductive surgeon can be important.

For how long have the fertility specialists or other technicians been in your clinic?

If you notice High staff turnover in a clinic, then it can be a sign of futile administration and can result in various mistakes.


In the end, all that matters inyour treatment journey is your commitment and willingness to stay on track and deal with various emotional and mental challenges. Just stay motivated and healthy and make appropriate changes in your lifestyle to achieve the best results.

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